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Auto Parts Price List

Below is our auto price list containing the prices you’ll pay when you remove the listed part yourself.

Please note, price list is a guide only. Prices can vary depending on rarity and year range, make and model.

Find Part, Pick Part, Pay for Part.

Parts removed for our Trade or Out of Town friends will come at a higher cost based on the average market rate for that part.

All parts are sold “as is” with no returns or warranty.

We offer a 30 Day Warranty for an additional 20% of the purchase price. This way you can exchange your part if faulty or receive a credit note to use onsite.

You can see clearly in our auto parts price list the two options. The rest is up to you. View our location > View vehicles wrecking now >



PartPick A Part Price
(No Warranty or Returns)
With Warranty Price
(30 Day Warranty on faulty parts )
C/O Deposit Required2006 Models On
ABS Module and Pump$90$108 P.O.A
ABS Brake Sensor$25$30  P.O.A
ABS Computer$50$60  P.O.A
ABS Module$55$66 P.O.A
Actuator (Central Locking)$30 $36  P.O.A
Actuator Boot$15 $18 P.O.A
Aerial Electric$20 $24  P.O.A 
Aerial Manual$10 $12  P.O.A 
Air Bag$40 $48  P.O.A 
Air Bag Clock Spring$45$54 P.O.A 
Air Suspension Unit$5o $60 P.O.A 
Air Filter Box Assy$55$66 P.O.A 
Air Filter Box Top$35 $42  P.O.A 
Air Filter Box Base$20$24  P.O.A 
Air Box Filter Element$5 $6  P.O.A 
Air Conditioning Bracket$25 $30 P.O.A 
Air Conditioning Kit Complete$185$222  P.O.A 
Air Conditioning Compressor$85 $102  P.O.A
Air Conditioning Condensor$50 $60 P.O.A 
Air Con Switch$35$42 P.O.A 
Air Con Switch W/ Climate Control$65 $78 P.O.A 
Air Conditioning Evaporator$35 $42  P.O.A 
Air Con Fan Single$30 $36  P.O.A 
Air Con Fan Twin Assy with Cowling$55$66  P.O.A 
Air Con Line$20 $24  P.O.A 
Air Con Receiver Dryer$15 $18  P.O.A 
Air Flow Meter$45 $54  P.O.A
Alternator 4WD/ Commercial$85 $102 $5P.O.A 
Alternator Bracket Large Alloy$35$42  P.O.A 
Alternator Bracket Small$20$24  P.O.A 
Arm Control Front Lower$35$42  P.O.A 
Arm Control Front Upper$35 $42  P.O.A 
Arm Control Rear Lower$35 $42 P.O.A 
Arm Control Rear Upper$25 $30 P.O.A 
Arm Swing Arm IRS (Eg. Commodore Assy)$110$132 P.O.A 
Arm Swing Arm IRS (Eg. Commodore Bare)$75 $90  P.O.A 
Axle Rear$55 $66  P.O.A 
Axle Rear 4WD/ Commercial$80$96 P.O.A 
Axle Front 4WD$75 $90  P.O.A 
Badge$5  P.O.A 
Ball Joint$10  P.O.A 
Battery Small 30 Day WarrantyN/A$30$5 
Battery Large 30 Day WarrantyN/A $55$5 
Battery Extra Large 30 Day WarrantyN/A $85 $5 

Battery New Large 55o cca (40 month Warranty Suit Most Passenger Cars)

Battery New Large 650 cca (40 month warranty suit some passenger,commercial and 4wd vehicles )

N/A $145/$185$5 
Battery Box Plastic$10$12 P.O.A 
Battery Tray$20 $24  P.O.A 
Battery Clamp/Terminal$5 $6  P.O.A 
Battery Cable$5$6 P.O.A 
Bearing Thrust$20 $24  P.O.A 
Bearing Wheel$5 $6  P.O.A 
Bell Housing Manual G/Box$110$132  P.O.A 
Belt Fan$5 $6  P.O.A 
Belt Tensioner Manual Adjust$20 $24  P.O.A 
Belt Tensioner Alloy with Bearing (Eg. VT Commodore)$40 $48  P.O.A 
Body Cut/SectionP.O.AP.O.A P.O.A
Bonnet Heat Shield Inner$25$30  P.O.A 
Bonnet Protector$20$24  P.O.A 
Bonnet Rod$10$12  P.O.A 
Books General$5 N/A  P.O.A 
Boot Release Lever w/Cable$20$24  P.O.A 
Bottle Radiator Overflow Small$20 $24  P.O.A 
Bottle Radiator Overflow Large (Eg. BA Ford)$35$42  P.O.A 
Bottle Washer Small$15 $18  P.O.A 
Bottle Washer Large$25 $30  P.O.A 
Brake Adjuster$5 $6  P.O.A 
Brake Backing Plate$25$30  P.O.A 
Brake Backing Plate Complete w/Brakes$45 $54  P.O.A 
Brake Booster$55 $66  P.O.A 
Brake Booster 4WD/Commercial$80 $96  P.O.A 
Brake Caliper Single Pot$30 $36  P.O.A 
Brake Caliper Twin Pot$40 $48  P.O.A 
Brake Caliper 4WD/Commercial$55 $66  P.O.A 
Brake Caliper Slide$35 $42  P.O.A 
Brake Disc$25 $30  P.O.A 
Brake Drum$20 $24  P.O.A 
Brake Drum 4WD/Commercial$35$42  P.O.A 
Brake Proportion Valve$20 $24  P.O.A 
Brake Lines & Hoses$10 $12  P.O.A 
Brake Master Cylinder$55 $66  P.O.A 
Brake Pads/Shoes$5 N/A  
Brake Pedal$20$24  P.O.A 
Brake Pedal Pad$5N/A  P.O.A 
Brake Wheel Cylinder$5$6 P.O.A 
Bull Bar Steel$125 to $250N/A P.O.A 
Bull Bar Alloy$150 to $350 N/A P.O.A 
Bull Bar Nudge$80 $96  P.O.A 
Bumper Bar Front Fascia$110$132  P.O.A 
Bumper Bar Front 4WD/Commercial$150$180  P.O.A 
Bumper Bar Front Reinforcement$45 $54  P.O.A 
Bumper Bar Bracket$20 $24  P.O.A 
Bumper Bar Stiffener$25 $30  P.O.A 
Bumper Bar Absorber Foam or Plastic Front or Rear$25 $30  P.O.A 
Bumper Bar Front Plastic Fascia Passenger Car$110 $132  P.O.A 
Bumper Bar Front Plastic Fascia 4WD /Commercial$150 $180  P.O.A 
Bumper Bar Iron$25 $30  P.O.A 
Bumper Bar Complete Pre 1999$80 $96  P.O.A 
Bumper Bar Centre Section Fr or Rear$35 $42  P.O.A 
Bumper Bar End Cap Front or Rear$45 $54  P.O.A
Bumper Bar Rear Complete$110 $132 P.O.A 
Bumper Bar Complete 4WD/Commercial$150$180  P.O.A 
Bumper Bar Reflector$30 $36  P.O.A 
Bumper Bar Reverse Light$30 $36  P.O.A 
Bumper Bar Rear Plastic Facia$80$96  P.O.A 
Bush$5 $6  P.O.A 
By Pass Hose Small$5 $6  P.O.A 
By Pass Hose Large$10 $12  P.O.A 
By Pass Hose Steel$25 $30  P.O.A 
Cable Accelerator$20$24 P.O.A
Cable Boot Release$20 $24 P.O.A 
Cable Bonnet$25 $30 P.O.A 
Cable Choke$15 $18 P.O.A 
Cable Clutch$30 $36  P.O.A 
Cable Cruise Control$25 $30  P.O.A 
Cable Fuel Flap Release$15$18  P.O.A 
Cable Gear Selector ( Each)$40 $48  P.O.A 
Cable Handbrake Front$20 $24  P.O.A 
Cable Handbrake Rear ( Each)$30 $36  P.O.A 
Cable Handbrake Rear 1 Piece$40 $48  P.O.A 
Cable Heater$5 $6  P.O.A 
Cable Kick Down$20$24  P.O.A 
Cable Speedo$25 $30  P.O.A 
Canister Pollution$15 $18  P.O.A 
Cap$5 $6  P.O.A 
Cap Fuel Cover$20$24  P.O.A 
Cap Radiator$2 $2.40  P.O.A 
Canopy Complete$250$300  P.O.A 
Carby 3/4/6 Cylinder$55 $66  P.O.A 
Carby V8$150 $180  P.O.A 
Cargo Barrier$65 $78  P.O.A 
Carpet Front Section$50 $60  P.O.A 
Carpet Full$80 $96  P.O.A 
Carpet Boot$20 $24  P.O.A 
Catch Bonnet$10$12  P.O.A 
Catch Door/ Check Strap$10 $12  P.O.A 
Catch Glove Box$10 $12  P.O.A 
Chain Timing$20 $24  P.O.A 
Chassis Rail w/ Suspension Complete$250 $300  P.O.A 
Chassis Rail Bare$150 $180  P.O.A 
Cigarette Lighter$2 $2.40  P.O.A 
Clock$20 $24  P.O.A 
Climate Control Unit$65 $78  P.O.A 
Clutch Bearing and Lever Fork$30 $36  P.O.A 
Clutch Dust Cover$20 $24  P.O.A 
Clutch Hydraulic Line$20 $24  P.O.A 
Clutch Master Cylinder$45$54  P.O.A 
Clutch Pedal Rubber$5 $6  P.O.A 
Clutch Plate$45 $54  P.O.A 
Clutch Pressure Plate$45 $54  P.O.A 
Clutch Slave Cylinder$35 $42  P.O.A 
Coil Single$20$24  P.O.A 
Coil Electric Each$30 $36  P.O.A 
Coil Pack VT V6 Type$110 $132  P.O.A 
Coil Pack 4/6 Cylinder$45 $54  P.O.A 
Coil Lead Each$2 $2.40  P.O.A 
Computer Air Bag$45 $54  P.O.A 
Computer ABS$45$54 P.O.A 
Computer Auto$45 $54  P.O.A 
Computer BCM$55 $66  P.O.A 
Computer ECU/ Engine$65 $78  P.O.A 
Computer Key Reader$25 $30  P.O.A 
Computer LPG$25 $30  P.O.A 
Computer Head Unit (Eg. BA Ford (Brain) Multi Unit Display)$110 $132  P.O.A 
Cross Member Front Engine 4/6 Cylinder Bare$70 $84  P.O.A 
Cross Member Front V8 Bare$110 $132  P.O.A 
Cross Member Rear Gearbox$30 $36  P.O.A 
Cruise Control Stalk$25 $30  P.O.A 
Cruise Control Kit$85 $102  P.O.A 
Cruise Control Modulator Box$45 $54 P.O.A 
Diff Complete Passenger Car$220$264 P.O.A
Diff Complete 4WD Front$250$300 P.O.A 
Diff Complete 4WD Rear$275 to $550$330 to $660  P.O.A 
Diff Complete Commercial Van/Ute$220 $264 P.O.A 
Diff Centre Passenger Car$120$144  P.O.A 
Diff Centre Commercial/4WD Drop Out Type$150 $180  P.O.A 
Diff Centre and Housing Passenger Car$150 $180  P.O.A 
Diff Housing Bare$110$132  P.O.A 
Dip Stick$5 $6  P.O.A 
Disc (See Brake Disc)    
Distributor 4 cyl$55 $66  P.O.A 
Distributor V6$75 $90  P.O.A 
Distributor Cap$20 $24  P.O.A 
Distributor Lead$2 N/A  P.O.A 
Distributor V8$110 $132  P.O.A 
Draglink Complete$85$102  P.O.A 
Draglink Section$30$36 P.O.A
Drive Plate Auto/Flex Plate$45 $54  P.O.A 
Drive Plate Auto V8/4WD/Commercial$65 $78  P.O.A 
Drive Shaft/CV Joint Passenger Car$35 $42  P.O.A 
Drive Shaft/CV Joint 4WD, Commercial$65$78 P.O.A
Note: Complete Engine Does Not Include Gearbox/Computer/Pwr Stg Pump/Air Con Compressor.
Short Motor is Sump and Block.
Long Motor is Rocker Cover to Sump No Bolt ons.
Engine Complete 4 Cylinder$350$420 P.O.A
Engine Complete 6 Cylinder$450 $540  P.O.A
Engine Complete DieselP.O.AP.O.A  P.O.A
Engine Complete V8P.O.A P.O.A  P.O.O 
Engine Long 3/4 Cylinder$175$210  P.A.O 
Engine Long 6 Cylinder$250 $300  P.A.O 
Engine Long DieselP.O.A P.O.A  P.O.A 
Engine Long V8P.O.A P.O.A  P.O.A 
Engine Short 3/4 Cylinder$150 $180  P.O.A 
Engine Short 6 Cylinder$200 $240  P.O.A 
Engine Short DieselP.O.A P.O.A  P.O.A 
Engine Short V8P.O.A P.O.A P.O.A
Engine Air Pump$55 $66 P.O.A
Engine Idler Pulley Assy$30 $36  P.O.A 
Engine Cam Box$40 $48  P.O.A 
Engine Cam Box with Cam$65 $78  P.O.A 
Engine Cam Shaft$40 $48  P.O.A 
Engine Conrod and Piston $30$36  P.O.A 
Engine Cover (Eg. VT Commodore)$45 $54  P.O.A 
Engine Crank Shaft$55 $66  P.O.A 
Engine Gear Drive$30 $36  P.O.A 
Engine Gear Each$15 $18  P.O.A 
Engine Guide$15 $18  P.O.A 
Engine Harmonic Balancer$35$42  P.O.A 
Engine Rocker Cover$40 $48  P.O.A 
Engine Cylinder Head 3 Cylinder$65 $78  P.O.A 
Engine Cylinder Head 4 Cylinder$150 $180  P.O.A 
Engine Cylinder Head Straight 6$150 $180  P.O.A 
Engine Cylinder Head V6 Each$90 $108  P.O.A 
Engine Cylinder Head 4WD/Commercial$150 $180  P.O.A 
Engine Cylinder Head V8 EachP.O.A P.O.A  P.O.A 
Engine Cylinder Head DieselP.O.A P.O.A P.O.A 
Engine Idler Pulley$20 $24 P.O.A 
Engine Lifter$10 $12  P.O.A 
Engine Mount$25 $30  P.O.A 
Engine Oil Filter Housing$30 $36  P.O.A 
Engine Oil Pick Up$30 $36  P.O.A 
Engine Oil Pump$30 $36  P.O.A 
Engine Pulley Per V$10 $12  P.O.A 
Engine Push Rod$15 $18  P.O.A 
Engine Rocker Arm$10 $12  P.O.A
Engine Splash tray$25 $30  P.O.A 
Engine Stud$2 $2.40  P.O.A 
Engine Sump Steel$55 $66  P.O.A 
Engine Sump Alloy$65 $78  P.O.A 
Engine Throttle Body Bare$45 $54  P.O.A 
Engine Throttle Body Complete$65 $78  P.O.A 
Engine Timing Chain$10 $12  P.O.A 
Engine Timing Cover Plastic$20 $24  P.O.A 
Engine Timing Cover Alloy$40 $48  P.O.A
Exhaust Catalytic ConverterP.O.AP.O.A P.O.A
Exhaust Muffler Rear$35$42 P.O.A
Exhaust Muffler Middle$50 $60  P.O.A 
Exhaust Muffler Front$30 $36  P.O.A 
Exhaust Pipe Straight Section$15 $18  P.O.A 
Exhaust Muffler System$110$132  P.O.A 
Extractors 3/4/6$55 $66  P.O.A 
Extractors Pair$120 $144 P.O.A 
Exhaust Clamp$2 $2.40  P.O.A 
Fan Blades Standard$25$30 P.O.A
Fan Blades Viscous$25 $30  P.O.A 
Fan Blades Viscous Centre$45 $54  P.O.A
Fan Thermo Electric Single$30 $36  P.O.A 
Fan Thermo Electric Twin$55 $66  P.O.A 
Heater Blower Fan$35 $42  P.O.A 
Filter Air Element$10 $12  P.O.A 
Filter Oil$5 $6  P.O.A 
Filter Petrol$5 $6  P.O.A 
Flywheel$45 $54  P.O.A 
Flywheel V8/4WD/Commercial$55 $66  P.O.A 
Fuel Release Lever$10 $12  P.O.A 
Fuse Box$35 $42  P.O.A 
Fuse Box Cover$10 $12  P.O.A 
Garnish Full Type across Boot or Hatch $50$60 P.O.A
Garnish Full Type across Boot or Hatch Small$25$30  P.O.A 
Garnish Quarter Glass Inner$15 $18  P.O.A 
Garnish Rear Tailgate$35 $42  P.O.A 
Gas Tank Cradle$20 $24  P.O.A 
Gas Point Filler$15 $18  P.O.A 
Gas Line Filler$15 $18  P.O.A 
Gas LPG Computer$25 $30  P.O.A 
Gas LPG Line Steel/Copper$20 $24  P.O.A 
Gas LPG Converter$85 $10  P.O.A 
Gas LPG Tank in Date$50 $60 P.O.A 
Gas LPG Tank Out of Date$20 $24  P.O.A 
Gas LPG Mixer$55$66  P.O.A 
Gas LPG Kit$150 $180  P.O.A 
Gas LPG Switch$15$18  P.O.A 
Gauge Fuel$20 $24  P.O.A 
Gauge Accessory Type Gauge Fuel$10$12  P.O.A
Gauge Inclometer Set 4WD$45 $54  P.O.A 
Gauge Single$15 $18 P.O.A 
Gauge Tacho$20 $24  P.O.A 
Gauge Speedo$20 $24  P.O.A 
Gauge Temp$10 $12  P.O.A 
Gauge Voltage$10 $12  P.O.A 
Gauge Instrument Cluster Complete$55$66  P.O.A 
Gear Boot$10 $12  P.O.A 
Gear Knob$5 $6  P.O.A 
Gear Lever on Column$25 $30  P.O.A 
Gear Lever Floor Shift$45 $54  P.O.A 
Gear Lever & Rod Assy FWD Type$55 $66  P.O.A 
Gear Lever Direct into Gearbox$35 $42  P.O.A 
Gear Lever on Floor Auto T-Bar$45 $54  P.O.A 
Gear Shifter Manual w/ Linkages$65 $78  P.O.A 
Gear Speedo Cog$5 $6  P.O.A 
Gear Box Manual FWD 4/5 Speed$160$192$20P.O.A
Gear Box Manual Passenger Car 4 Spd$160$192$20P.O.A
Gear Box Manual Passenger Car 5 Spd$185$222$20P.O.A
Gear Box Manual 4WD w/Transfer Case$450$540$20P.O.A
Gear Box Manual Ute/Van$185$222$20P.O.A
Gear Box Kit ConversionP.O.A P.O.A$20P.O.A
Glass Front Door Passenger Car$50$60 P.O.A 
Glass Rear Door Passenger Car$40$48 P.O.A 
Glass Quarter Passenger Car$35$42 P.O.A
Glass Opera$45$54 P.O.A 
Glass Front Screen Passenger Car$50$60 P.O.A 
Glass Rear Screen Passenger Car$50$60 P.O.A 
Glass S/Wagon Tail Gate$85$102 P.O.A 
Glass Front Door 4WD/Commercial$55$66 P.O.A 
Glass Rear Door 4WD/Commercial$45$54 P.O.A 
Glass Quarter 4WD/Commercial$35$42 P.O.A 
Glass Front Screen 4WD/Commercial$60$72 P.O.A 
Glass Rear Ute$65$78 P.O.A 
Glass Tailgate 4WD$95$114 P.O.A 
Glass Tailgate 4WD each$60$72 P.O.A 
Glass Front Door Van$55$66 P.O.A 
Glass Side Van$55$66 P.O.A 
Glass Side Van Sliding$55$66 P.O.A 
Glass Tailgate Van$65$78 P.O.A 
Glass Tailgate Hatch$60$72 P.O.A 
Glass Coupe Front Door$55$66 P.O.A 
Glass Cargo 3Door & S/Wagon$40$48 P.O.A 
Glass Sun Roof Push Up$50$60 P.O.A 
Glass Sun Roof Electric$80$96  P.O.A 
Globe$2N/A  P.O.A 
Globe H4$5$6 P.O.A 
Globe Dash .20cN/A P.O.A 
Globe Socket$2 each$2.20  P.O.A 
Grille Between Head Lights Small$25$30  P.O.A 
Grille Between Head Lights Large$45$54  P.O.A 
Grille Surrounding Headlights$60$72  P.O.A 
Grille Lower$25$30  P.O.A 
Handle Brake Ratchet$25$30  P.O.A
Handle Brake Lever$25$30  P.O.A 
Handle Door Outer$25$30  P.O.A 
Handle Door Inner$15$18  P.O.A 
Handle Tailgate Outer$25$30  P.O.A 
Handle Tailgate Inner$20$24  P.O.A 
Handle Window Winder$5$6  P.O.A 
Handle Grab$5$6  P.O.A 
Handle Tail Gate Inner$20$24 P.O.A 
Handle Tail Gate Outer $25 $30  P.O.A 
Head Light Model Specific $55 $66 P.O.A 
Head Light Round 5″ or 7″$10 $12 P.O.A 
Head Light Rectangle$25 $30  P.O.A 
Head Light Pop Up$50 $60  P.O.A 
Head Light Protector each $10 $12  P.O.A 
Head Light Globe $2 $2.40  P.O.A 
Head Light Surround Metal$20 $24  P.O.A 
Head Light Surround Plastic inc. Indicator $35$42  P.O.A 
Head Light Spot Light each$20 $24  P.O.A 
Heater Control Unit Climate Control $55 $66  P.O.A 
Heater Control Standard $35 $42  P.O.A 
Heater Box $45 $54  P.O.A 
Heater Core $35 $42  P.O.A 
Heater Tap $15$18 P.O.A 
Hinge Bonnet$15 $18 P.O.A 
Hinge Boot $10 $12  P.O.A 
Hinge Door$15$18  P.O.A 
Hinge Sliding Door$25 $30  P.O.A 
Hinge Sliding Door Track$30 $36  P.O.A 
Horn Air Type$15$18 P.O.A 
Horn$5$6  P.O.A 
Horn Pad-Non Airbag Type$20$24  P.O.A 
Hose Air Flow Meter 15cm & Longer Intake$20$24 P.O.A 
Hose Air Flow Meter Under 15cm Intake$10 $12  P.O.A 
Hose Gas Filler$10 $12  P.O.A 
Hose Heater$5 $6  P.O.A 
Hose Radiator Short $5$6  P.O.A 
Hose Radiator Long$10$12  P.O.A 
Hub 4WD Free Wheeling$45$54 P.O.A 
Hub Bare Wheel$25$30 P.O.A 
Hub Cap 13″/14″$10$12  P.O.A 
Hub Cap 15″ $20 $24 P.O.A 
Hub Cap 4WD Plastic $15 $18  P.O.A 
Idler Arm $20 $24  P.O.A
Idle Speed Motor $30 $36  P.O.A 
Ignitor$15 $18  P.O.A 
Ignition Control Box/Module$30$36  P.O.A 
Ignition Lead $2$2.20  P.O.A 
Ignition Lead with Insert$10$12  P.O.A 
Injector (Each)$20$24  P.O.A 
Injector Rail Petrol Bare$35$42  P.O.A 
Intercooler Turbo$55$66  P.O.A 
Jack with Handle$20$24  P.O.A
Jack$15$18  P.O.A 
Jack Bottle$25$30  P.O.A 
Jack Handle/Wheel Brace$5$6  P.O.A 
King Pin$15$18  P.O.A
Knob Door LockP$5$6 .O.A 
Knuckle Intermediate Stg Shaft $25$30  P.O.A 
Knuckle Suspension Bare$55$66 P.O.A 
Knuckle Suspension with Hub$80 $96  P.O.A 
Knuckle Suspension with Hub&Disc $130 $156  P.O.A 
Lens Bar Light$25$30 P.O.A
Lens Indicator/Parker $20$24  P.O.A 
Lens Interior Light$10$12  P.O.A 
Lens Tail Light Passenger Car Large (Eg. Commodore)$45$54  P.O.A 
Lens Tail Light Passenger Car Small (Eg. Corolla)$35 $42  P.O.A 
Lens Tail Light 4WD/Commercial$45 $54  P.O.A 
Lever Fuel/Boot Release$10$12  P.O.A 
Light Stop Light Rear Screen$20$24  P.O.A 
Light Courtesy Door/Pillar$5$6  P.O.A 
Light Driving/Spot/Fog$25$30  P.O.A 
Light Rim 1 Piece$20 $24  P.O.A 
Light Interior$10$12  P.O.A 
Light Number Plate$5$6  P.O.A 
Light Repeater on Guard$10 $12  P.O.A 
Line Transmission$20$24  P.O.A 
Line Fuel$15 $18  P.O.A 
Line Air Conditioning$25$30  P.O.A 
Line Power Steering High Pressure$30$36  P.O.A 
Line Power Steering Low Pressure $15 $18  P.O.A 
Liner Bonnet$25$30  P.O.A 
Liner Boot$20 $24  P.O.A 
Liner Guard$25 $30  P.O.A 
Liner Tub/Ute$110 $132 P.O.A 
Linkage Wiper Motor (No Motor)$45$54  P.O.A 
Linkage Wiper Motor 1 Pivot $20 $24  P.O.A 
Lock Barrel Boot (No Key)$5 $6  P.O.A 
Lock Barrel Door (No Key)$5 $6  P.O.A 
Lock Barrel with Key Door/Boot$20 $24  P.O.A 
Lock Ignition Barrel no Key$25$30  P.O.A 
Lock Ignition Barrel & Key$55 $66  P.O.A 
Lock Set Ignition, Door & Boot$75$90  P.O.A 
Lock Door Mechanism (Not Actuator)$15 $18  P.O.A 
Lock Glovebox $5 $6  P.O.A 
Lock Latch$10$12  P.O.A 
Loom Ignition Switch Wiring$30 $36  P.O.A 
Loom Engine$55$66  P.O.A 
Loom Dash $35 $42  P.O.A 
Loom and Plug 5″$5$6  P.O.A 
Loom Tail Light with Globes each$20 $24  P.O.A 
Loom Wire Small$5$6  P.O.A 
Loom Wire Large $25 $30  P.O.A 
Miscellaneous Small $10$12 P.O.A
Miscellaneous Large $20 $24  P.O.A 
Miscellaneous$25$30 P.O.A
Manifold Exhaust$50$60  P.O.A 
Manifold Inlet$40$48  P.O.A 
Manifold Inlet Ram Type$65 $78  P.O.A 
Mat Boot$10 $12  P.O.A 
Mat Boot Carpet$20$24  P.O.A 
Mat Dash$10 $12  P.O.A 
Mat Floor each$5 $6  P.O.A 
Mirror Interior $15 $18  P.O.A 
Mirror Door Electric$40$48  P.O.A 
Mirror Door Manual$30 $36  P.O.A 
Mirror 4WD/Commercial$50$60  P.O.A 
Motor Electric Window & Reg Front$45$54  P.O.A 
Motor Electric Window & Reg Rear$35$42  P.O.A 
Motor Electric 4WD/Commercial Window & Reg $50$60  P.O.A 
Motor Washer Bottle$5 $6  P.O.A 
Mould General Small$10$12  P.O.A 
Mould General Large$20 $24  P.O.A 
Mould Bonnet$20 $24  P.O.A 
Mould Boot$20 $24  P.O.A 
Mould Drip Rail/Gutter$15 $18  P.O.A 
Mould Door Front$25$30  P.O.A 
Mould Door Rear $20 $24  P.O.A 
Mould Guard or Quarter$15 $18  P.O.A 
Mould Sill$35$42  P.O.A 
Moulds ChromeP.O.A P.O.A  P.O.A
Mould Inner Pillar$15$18 P.O.A 
Mould Inner Sill $15$18  P.O.A 
Neck Filler $15 $18 P.O.A 
Nudge Bar$65$78  P.O.A 
Number Plate Garnish Surround$30$36  P.O.A 
Number Plate Garnish Surround with Chrome $50$60  P.O.A 
Panel Lower Apron Front/Rear$30$36 P.O.A
Panel Body Shell P.O.A P.O.A P.O.AP.O.A 
Panel Bonnet Large$110$132 P.O.A 
Panel Bonnet Small$88$105.60  P.O.A 
Panel Bonnet 4WD/Commercial$150 $180  P.O.A 
Panel Bonnet Support$25$30  P.O.A 
Panel Boot Lid Bare$65$78  P.O.A 
Panel Boot Lid with Spoiler $85 $102  P.O.A 
Panel Canopy Complete$250 $300  P.O.A 
Panel Front Door Coupe (Shell)$125$150  P.O.A 
Panel Front Door Car (Shell)$90 $108  P.O.A 
Panel Front Door 4WD /Commercial (Shell)$150 $180  P.O.A 
Panel Front Door Coupe (Complete)$150 $180  P.O.A 
Panel Front Door Car (Complete) $150 $180  P.O.A 
Panel Front Door 4WD/Commercial (Complete)$165 $198  P.O.A 
Panel Sliding Door Commercial$150 $180  P.O.A 
Panel Rear Door Car$110$132  P.O.A 
Panel Rear Door Car (Bare)$80$96  P.O.A 
Panel Rear Door 4WD/Commercial$125$150  P.O.A 
Panel Rear Door 4WD/Commercial (Bare)$110$132  P.O.A 
Panel Rear Door Barn Type$110$132  P.O.A 
Panel Tailgate Commercial Van$150$180  P.O.A 
Panel Tailgate Panel Van/ Ute$110$132  P.O.A 
Panel Filler Front or Rear$20$24  P.O.A 
Panel Fuel Flap$20$24  P.O.A 
Panel Grille Vertical Support$15$18  P.O.A 
Panel Guard Car$65$78  P.O.A 
Panel Guard 4WD$85$102  P.O.A 
Panel Guard 4WD with Flare$125$150  P.O.A 
Panel Guard Liner$20$24  P.O.A 
Panel Guard Bolt On Ute$20$24  P.O.A 
Panel Nose Eg. TM Magna$30$36  P.O.A 
Panel Nose Cone$90$108  P.O.A 
Panel Scuttle$20 $24  P.O.A 
Panel Spare Wheel Door Ute/Panel Van$25 $30  P.O.A 
Panel Stone Tray$30 $36  P.O.A 
Panel Tail Gate Assy Upper$110 $132  P.O.A 
Panel Tail Gate S/Wagon Complete$220 $264  P.O.A 
Pedal Accelerator$20 $24  P.O.A 
Pedal Accelerator FlyByWire$45$54  P.O.A 
Pedal Box Manual$75$90  P.O.A 
Pedal Brake$20 $24  P.O.A 
Pedal Clutch $20 $24  P.O.A 
Pitman Arm $25 $30  P.O.A 
Plug Trailer Socket with Loom$20$24  P.O.A 
Plug Trailer Socket$10$12  P.O.A 
Power Steering Kit$175$210  P.O.A 
Power Steering Kit 4WD/Commercial$250 $300  P.O.A 
Power Steering Box$95$114  P.O.A 
Power Steering Line High Pressure$25 $30  P.O.A 
Power Steering Line Low Pressure$15 $18  P.O.A 
Power Steering Pump$45 $54  P.O.A 
Power Steering Pump w/ Reservoir$55 $66 P.O.A 
Power Steering Reservoir$20$24  P.O.A 
Power Steering Rack$110$132  P.O.A 
Pump Fuel Electric$30$36  P.O.A 
Pump Fuel Electric w/Sender $55$66  P.O.A 
Pump Fuel Mechanical$25$30  P.O.A 
Rack Manual Steering$65$78 P.O.A
Rack Power Steering$110 $132  P.O.A 
Radiator Car$65$78  P.O.A 
Radiator 4WD/ Commercial $85 $102  P.O.A 
Radiator Oil Cooler$25 $30  P.O.A 
Radiator Shroud$20 $24  P.O.A 
Radio AM$20 $24  P.O.A 
Radio CD$25 $30  P.O.A 
Radio Amp$40 $48  P.O.A 
Radio CD Stacker$45 $54  P.O.A 
Radio Speakers Small $10$12  P.O.A 
Radio Speakers Large $20 $24  P.O.A 
Radio Speakers Tweeters$15 $18  P.O.A 
Radius Rod/ Z Bar$25 $30  P.O.A
Reflector$5$6  P.O.A
Regulator Electric Car Front$45$54  P.O.A 
Regulator Manual Car Front$25$30  P.O.A 
Regulator Electric 4WD Front$55$66  P.O.A 
Regulator Electric Rear All$35 $42  P.O.A 
Regulator Manual Rear All$20$24  P.O.A 
Regulator Fuel Pressure$20$24  P.O.A 
Relay$5$6  P.O.A 
Remote Key Fob$10$12  P.O.A 
Rocker Arm$10$12  P.O.A 
Roll Bar Ute$75$90  P.O.A 
Roof Convertible$250$300  P.O.A 
Roof Rack Commercial$85$102  P.O.A 
Roof Rack Rola Type$60$72  P.O.A 
Roof Rack Standard-2 pieces$40$48  P.O.A 
Rubber Seal Boot/Door/Glass $20 $24  P.O.A 
Seat Back lower $35$42 P.O.A 
Seat Back Upper $35 $42  P.O.A 
Seat Bench Type $150 $180  P.O.A 
Seat Front Bucket$80 $96  P.O.A 
Seat Front 4WD $110 $132  P.O.A 
Seat Head Rest$20$24  P.O.A 
Seat Bench Double (Commercial)$110$132 P.O.A 
Seat Bench Triple (Commercial) $150$180  P.O.A 
Seat Runner each$20$24  P.O.A 
Seat Rail (One Piece)$40$48  P.O.A 
Seat Belt Front Retractable$35$42  P.O.A 
Seat Belt Rear Retractable$25$30  P.O.A 
Seat Belt Center Retractable$30$36  P.O.A 
Seat Belt Stalk$15$18  P.O.A 
Seat Belt Stalk Pretensioner$30$36  P.O.A 
Seat Belt Front Lap/Sash$20$24  P.O.A 
Seat Belt Rear Lap/Sash$15$18  P.O.A 
Seat Belt Center Lap/Sash$15$18  P.O.A 
Sender Fuel Gauge in Tank$20 $24  P.O.A 
Sender Fuel Gauge in Tank with Pump$55$66  P.O.A 
Sender Temp$15 $18  P.O.A 
Sensor ABS Brake/Speed$20 $24  P.O.A 
Air Flow Sensor$35/$45$42/$54  P.O.A 
Sensor Camshaft$20 $24  P.O.A 
Sensor Crank Angle$25 $30  P.O.A 
Sensor MAP$20 $24  P.O.A 
Sensor Oxygen$20 $24  P.O.A 
Sensor Reverse$10$12  P.O.A 
Sensor Throttle Position $20 $24  P.O.A 
Sensor Unknown$20 $24  P.O.A 
Shaft CV/Drive Shaft$35 $42  P.O.A 
Shock Absorber Pair (Car)$50$60  P.O.A 
Shock Absorber Pair (4WD) $80 $96  P.O.A 
Shock Engine $20 $24  P.O.A 
Shroud Fan Standard $20 $24  P.O.A 
Solenoid Central Locking Unit$25 $30  P.O.A 
Solenoid Boot$15 $18  P.O.A 
Solenoid in Line Gas$15 $18  P.O.A 
Speedo Mechanical$20$24  P.O.A 
Speedo Electrical $30 $36  P.O.A 
Speedo Gear/Cog $10 $12  P.O.A 
Spoiler Front/Rear on Bumper$40 $48  P.O.A 
Spoiler Boot with Light$65 $78  P.O.A 
Spoiler Boot$45 $54  P.O.A 
Spoiler Side Skirt (Each)$45 $54  P.O.A 
Side Skirt Alloy Step (Each)$75 $90  P.O.A 
Spring Boot$10 $12  P.O.A 
Spring Coil Car (Each) $20$24  P.O.A 
Spring Coil 4WD (Each) $45 $54  P.O.A 
Spring Leaf$75 $90  P.O.A 
Spring Shackle$10$12  P.O.A 
Starter Motor$55$66  P.O.A 
Steering Box Manual$45$54  P.O.A 
Steering Box Manual 4WD $85$102  P.O.A 
Steering Box Power$65$78  P.O.A 
Steering Box Power 4WD $110 $132  P.O.A 
Steering Column Bare$35$42  P.O.A 
Steering Column Complete with Key, Switch and Steering Wheel$165$198  P.O.A 
Steering Column Shaft$30$36  P.O.A 
Steering Column Intermediate Shaft$25$30  P.O.A 
Steering Column Surround (Set 2)$20 $24  P.O.A 
Steering Wheel Aftermarket $35 $42  P.O.A 
Steering Wheel Standard (No Horn Pad or Air Bag)$45$54  P.O.A 
Steering Wheel$50$60  P.O.A 
Steering Wheel Horn Pad$20$24  P.O.A 
Steering Wheel Air Bag $35 $42  P.O.A 
Strap Door Check$10$12  P.O.A 
Strap Tailgate Ute$20$24  P.O.A 
Strut Assy Macpherson Type/Coil Over$45$54  P.O.A 
Strut Gas Type$10$12  P.O.A 
Sun Roof Pop Up$50$60  P.O.A 
Sun Roof Electric$110$132  P.O.A 
Super Charger$150$180  P.O.A 
Suspension Bump Stop$10$12  P.O.A 
Suspension Panard Rod $20$24  P.O.A 
Suspension Radius Rod$25 $30  P.O.A 
Suspension Sway Bar $25 $30  P.O.A 
Suspension Links$10 $12  P.O.A 
Switch AirCon$20 $24  P.O.A 
Switch Brake light$20 $24  P.O.A 
Switch Cruise Control$45 $54  P.O.A 
Switch Rear Demister$15 $18  P.O.A 
Switch Fog Light$20 $24  P.O.A 
Switch Gas to Petrol$15 $18  P.O.A 
Switch Hazard $10 $12  P.O.A 
Switch Headlight $25$30  P.O.A 
Switch Heater$20$24  P.O.A 
Switch Ignition & Loom$25$30  P.O.A 
Switch Combination$45 $54  P.O.A 
Switch Indicator/Headlight Single Type $25$30  P.O.A 
Switch Inhibitor$20$24  P.O.A 
Switch Mirror Electric$15$18  P.O.A 
Switch Oil$10$12  P.O.A 
Switch Reverse Light$10$12  P.O.A 
Switch Windows Four Way Main$35$42  P.O.A 
Switch Windows Two Way Main$25$30  P.O.A 
Switch Window One$15$18  P.O.A 
Switch Wiper$25$30  P.O.A 
Tail Shaft 1 Piece$65$78 P.O.A
Tail Shaft 2 Piece$88$105.60  P.O.A 
Tail Shaft 4WD/Commercial$110$132  P.O.A 
Tank Fuel Bare (No Pump or Sender)$65 $78  P.O.A 
Fuel Tank Straps$20$24  P.O.A 
Thermostat$5$6  P.O.A 
ThermoStat Housing$25$30  P.O.A 
Tie Rod End$10$12  P.O.A 
Torsion Bar$25$30  P.O.A 
Tow Bar Complete$110$132  P.O.A 
Tow Bar Ball$10$12  P.O.A 
Tow Bat Tongue Flat$20$24  P.O.A 
Tow Bar Tongue Square Neck/Hayman Reece$35$42  P.O.A 
Transducer$20$24  P.O.A 
Transmission 4 Cyl$180$216  P.O.A 
Transmission 6 Cyl$200$240  P.O.A 
Transmission V8$250$300  P.O.A 
Transmission 4WD FWD Type$300$360  P.O.A 
Transmission 4WD RWD Including Transfer Case$450$540  P.O.A 
Transmission Commercial Ute/Van 2WD$220$264  P.O.A 
Transmission Mount$20 $24  P.O.A 
Transmission Quadrant Surround$30$36  P.O.A 
Transmission Column Shift Lever$30$36  P.O.A 
Transmission T-Bar Handle$20 $24  P.O.A 
Transmission T-Bar Shifter$45 $54  P.O.A 
Transmission Torque Converter Excluding 4WD$85 $102  P.O.A 
Tray Complete with Sides$200/$350$240/$420  P.O.A 
Tray Bare no Sides$150 $180  P.O.A 
Tray Ute Hard Lid$150 $180  P.O.A 
Tray Ute Side Steel 1 Piece$40$48  P.O.A 
Tray Alloy Side Alloy 1 Piece$40$48  P.O.A 
Tray Ute Tonneau Cover$45$54  P.O.A 
Trim 1/4 . S/Wagon Inner$20$24  P.O.A 
Trim Door Front-Bare No Switches$35$42  P.O.A 
Trim Door Rear-Bare No Switches$30$36  P.O.A 
Trin Arm Rest$15$18  P.O.A 
Trim Ash Tray$10$12  P.O.A 
Trim Cargo Blind$35$42  P.O.A 
Trim Cluster Cover$25$30  P.O.A 
Trim Console Lid$25$30  P.O.A 
Trim Console Complete $65$78 P.O.A 
Trim Crash Pad$35$42  P.O.A 
Trim Cup Holder$10$12  P.O.A 
Trim Dash Cover Full Size$25$30 P.O.A 
Trim Dash Matt$10$12  P.O.A 
Trim Glove Box Lid$25$30  P.O.A 
Trim Kick Panel$10 $12  P.O.A 
Trim Map Pocket$25 $30  P.O.A 
Trim Parcel Shelf Small$20$24  P.O.A 
Trim Parcel Shelf Large $30 $36  P.O.A 
Trim Roof Lining Sedan$65 $78  P.O.A 
Trim Roof Lining S/Wagon$80 $96  P.O.A 
Trim Any Pillar Mould$20 $24  P.O.A 
Trim Any Scuff Mould$15$18  P.O.A 
Trim Roof Lining Sedan$65$78 P.O.A
Trim Roof Lining S/Wagon $80 $96  P.O.A 
Trim Roof Lining Ute $50 $60  P.O.A 
Trim Parcel Shelf$30$36  P.O.A 
Trim Sun Visor$15$18  P.O.A 
Trim Tailgate Inner$30 $36  P.O.A 
Tube$5$6  P.O.A 
Turbo$110$132  P.O.A 
Turbo Intercooler$65$78  P.O.A 
U Bolt $10$12 P.O.A
U Bolt Plate$20$24  P.O.A 
Valve EGR$30$36 P.O.A
Valve General$20$24  P.O.A 
Vent$10$12 P.O.A 
Washer Jet$5$6 P.O.A
Water Pipe Steel$30$36  P.O.A 
Water Pipe Plastic $30$36  P.O.A 
Water Pump$25$30  P.O.A 
Weather Shield$10$12  P.O.A 
Wheel Cover$10$12  P.O.A 
Wheel Steering (No Horn Pad)$45$54  P.O.A 
Wheel Steering Sports with Boss Kit$50$60 P.O.A 
Wiper Arm$15$18  P.O.A 
Wiper Arm Head$5$6  P.O.A 
Wiper Linkages$40$48  P.O.A 
Wiper Motor$35$42  P.O.A 
Wiper Pivot Each$20$24  P.O.A 
Wiper Motor with Linkages$65$78  P.O.A